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Tours and Rates

Cost of the tours: from US$ 40.00 per person and subjected to negotiation, depending on numbers of passengers and destination.

How to get to the boats

The boats are anchored at Folkestone Marine Park in St James, on the West Coast of Barbados (see map at left). Trips commence at 10.00 am daily. "Shamon Too" can pick up passengers on the West Coast at no additional cost; the order of visits to sites will be re-arranged to accommodate bookings.


Turtle and Shipwreck Tour

Duration: 2 hours

Hawksbill Turtle

Our tours to the turtles and shipwreck commence 9.00 am daily or on request. We can also pick you up on request on neighbouring beaches, or from distant hotels at US$10 per person for taxi fare.
We proceed from south of Folkestone Park, south to the turtles and shipwreck.

Here you will be issued snorkelling equipment, and fish for feeding the turtles.You swim among the turtles, feed them, and take pictures.
Any day you may be joined by at least 100 persons in the water from other vessels. Then we will reboard and sail south to the old ship wreck where you may snorkel and dive among the hundreds of tropical fish and feed them with bread. This wreck was sunk over ten years ago to encourage local marine life. Fishing is prohibited.


Tours along the West Coast

(Gold Coast) - Points of Interest.
Cost varies, depending on the distance booked

You have come to the best place when you selected Barbados as your holiday destination.

Here, we promise you more than a tour. Sailing on our calm Caribbean sea on the Shamon, you will be flabbergasted at the variety of tropical fish and coral formations you can see through the glass in the bottom of the boat. The coral reefs are swamped by a rainbow of tropical fish, giant sponges, sea fans,sea urchins and different coloured corals. This trip is a must, as the coral formations abound close to the shoreline in the crystal clear waters.

Barbados is unique in the eastern Caribbean chain of island, as we are not volcanic in origin, but of a coral based formation. The coastline is dotted by many villages, encased in lush tropical trees. Many villas hug the coastline, with their beauty evident in the fine architecture. They are designed to fit atop the limestone cliffs. These luxury homes are vacation homes to the rich and famous who visit our shores on a monthly basis. Land on this coast is now fetching millions of US dollars on the international real estate market, giving credence to the term 'gold coast'.

Complementing the scenery are the luxury hotels along the West Coast. Here many visitors feel they have arrived at a home away from home, as they are impressed by the warm hospitality of those with whom they come in contact.


Fishing Tours

Variation to fishing tours closer to shore can be arranged. These tours are flexible.

Westwater Adventures takes you to different relaxing fishing tours.

These tours are pre-arranged with our passengers.

The fish caught are generally not of a large nature and the trips are more designed to have fun than catching 100 lb game fish.


Catamaran Rental

Rental: US 75.00/hr

Catamaran at Holestown beach

Rent our catamaran and sail to beautiful Holestown Beach for relaxation.



  • Special Discounts>Children under the age of 12 cruise at 1/2 price.
  • Trips commence at 10.00 am daily, unless otherwise specified by prior arrangement.
  • Snorkelling equipment and refreshments are provided; snacks can be provided on request.
  • N.B. Rates are subject to change

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